Food fragrances

Food fragrances
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Fragrances can recall memories, emotions, desires.
Thanks to the experience and passion of a master perfumer, with this course you will learn how to create personalized food fragrances both for cocktails and for the kitchen through practical tests.


The power of fragrances will be in your hands and if you use it wisely your business opportunities will know no limits

per chi Bartender, baristas, chefs
durata 1 day
sede Only in seats equipped with Botanikit (consult the website for the accredited seats)
partecipanti Maximum 10
partecipanti Certificate, Student Card, Transcript of records


Access requirements Open
Characteristics Theoretical-Practical
Total hours 6
Class schedule Full Time (9-13/14-18)
Final exam Practice test


Teaching materials Class notes
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23/03/2020Milano02 75.60.471 (Int 1), 345-0841975, 02-7561313,
06/04/2020Milano02 75.60.471 (Int 1), 345-0841975, 02-7561313,
25/05/2020Milano02 75.60.471 (Int 1), 345-0841975, 02-7561313,
21/09/2020Milano02 75.60.471 (Int 1), 345-0841975, 02-7561313,
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