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If the fathers of the most famous cocktails are often uncertain, the mother from whom all derive is only one: distillation. This course will give you a complete view on the functioning of the most important technique in the bartending world. You will learn to use the various stills, from the small and discontinuous, to the large multi-column ones and how and which to use for the preparation of your spirits.


The course is organized for a maximum of 20 people and the final exam will be a tasting test of 6 different spirits.

per chi Bartenders, experienced baristas
durata 1 day
sede All
partecipanti Maximum 20 people
partecipanti Certificate, Student Card, Transcript of records


Access requirements Open
Characteristics Theoretical-Tasting
Total hours 6
Class schedule Full Time (10-13/14-17)
Final exam Tasting test


Teaching materials Textbook
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27/04/2020Milano02 75.60.471 (Int 1), 345-0841975, 02-7561313, milano@planetone.it
26/10/2020Milano02 75.60.471 (Int 1), 345-0841975, 02-7561313, milano@planetone.it
Inizio CorsoSedeContattiDettagli