Complete Master Bartender

Complete Master Bartender
Certificazione e Finanziamenti

Il The COMPLETE MASTER BARTENDER course is your passport to enter the most prestigious haunts in the world and prove yourself.
It is a complete and exclusive professional path, maximum 10 people, suitable for both those who have no bartender experience and those who want to improve their skills and increase employment opportunities.


The course includes 10 teaching modules for a total of 206 hours of lessons, with practical tests during 26 classes. You will be followed by qualified trainers and tutors; you will take daily theoretical and practical learning tests and a final exam at the end of the course. At the end of each module you will get a specific competence certificate showing your total score and once your training experience completed you can immediately start working by accessing curricular and extracurricular internships.

per chi Bartenders, baristas, beginners
durata 12 months
sede Milan
partecipanti Maximum 10/12 people
partecipanti Certificate at the end of each single module, Student Card, Transcript of records
partecipanti Curricular / Extra Curricular


Access requirements Open
Characteristics Theoretical-Practical
Topics in modules Some of the covered topics: From introduction to the American method up to the most advanced techniques. / Fermentation and Distillation, study and characteristics of products: Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Cachaca, Whisky/ey, Brandy and Cognac, Bitters, Aperitifs and wine-based liqueurs. / Cocktail categories and portion basic rules to make balanced drinks. / Pouring techniques and working flair. / The main IBA Cocktails / Spices and extractions. / Flavoured spirits with infusion kit, sous vide and Botanikit distiller. / Cocktail design and artistic shakes. / Flair Fusion on Mixology. / Exclusive Bar Techniques: work techniques from the world. / Multi-sensory cocktails: vaporization, smoking, Ice carving. / Create a food fragrance and fragrance-based cocktails / Perfect espresso and perfect cappuccino. / Milk art. / Bar management and organization of departments. / Time management. / Warehouse management and maintenance. / Approach to business plan, financial management, costs and menu. / Sales and communication techniques.
Total hours 206 (mandatory attendance)
Class schedule Full Time (9-13/14-18)
Daily tests Yes
Exams Each module includes an end of course exam
Final exam Theoretical-practical exam and Certificate of COMPLETE MASTER BARTENDER. Score mentioned in the transcript


Teaching materials Textbook, class notes, and recipe books
Speciality Upgrade with Mail Training


Internship Curricular/ Extracurricular internship. Period of free internship at SELECTED bars to implement the techniques learned during the COMPLETE MASTER BARTENDER course.
Partecipation in events Curricular/ Extracurricular internship. Free period of internship at SELECTED bars to implement the techniques learned during the COMPLETE MASTER BARTENDER course
Trainer assistant internship At Planet One Milan (if the score obtained at the end of the course exceeds 80 points out of 100)
Free courses To be selected among the extra catalogue programmed courses
Visibility On the Planet One website for three months
Discounts Exclusive discounts on the purchase of courses in the Planet One catalogue