Alchemy and Spagyria

Alchemy and Spagyria
Certificazione e Finanziamenti

From the abysses of an esoteric past ancient techniques re-emerge that seemed to be forgotten. Starting from water, the Mother of all, you will discover how to create, flavoured waters, essential and home-made oils to be served both at the bar and at the table, through extraction methods with exclusive distillers.


A lot of practice is waiting for you with a spagyria and distillation expert who day by day will accompany you and reveal his secrets, making you experience a unique training involvement.

per chi Bartender, baristas, chefs
durata 1 day
sede Milan
partecipanti Maximum 15 people
partecipanti Certificate, Student Card, Transcript of records


Access requirements Cocktail Specialist Certificate or Admission test
Characteristics Theoretical-Practical
Total hours 8
Class schedule Full Time (9-13/ 14-18
Final exam Theoretical-Practical


Teaching materials Class notes and recipe book